Jack Reacher Movie, One Shot, 2013!

 I’ll admit, I’m a HUGE Jack Reacher fanatic! I’ve read every book Lee Child has written about Reacher. In order. Front to back. And then some. I think I’ve fallen in love with him. Creepy? Probably, since he’s a book character, but I’m a sucker for the tough, lone-wolf guys.

The celebratory news is that the first Jack Reacher movie is coming out! It’s slated to release in 2013. Tom Cruise was recently signed to play Jack Reacher. Now, I know….I can hear all of you groaning at the thought! I did, too. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher?? So who I NOT pictured for the role. Craig Daniels, maybe. Bruce Willis, possibly. Or how about Patrick Warburton? Or John Travolta or Nathan Fillion? ANYONE but Tom Cruise! Significant portions of Reacher Nation have turned thumbs-down on the casting choice, though perhaps not as extremely as this blog-commenter: “Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher makes about as much sense as Kermit the Frog playing James Bond.” While I may not go to that extreme, I do think they might have made the wrong choice. Yet, according to Lee Child on his website, he thinks the casters made the perfect choice. It remains to be seen! I guess we won’t fully be able to judge the character until the movie is actually released. If you think back to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible movies, he was pretty good as the tough, mission-saving-accomplishing guy.

I, for one, will hold most of my judgment until I actually view the movie. Although, I will admit he’s not the one I fantasized about when thinking of Jack Reacher.

Who do you think should play Jack Reacher? Do you think the producers made the right or wrong call in choosing Tom Cruise? Until 2013…I’ll remain the Skeptical Optimist.
~ Kat

4 thoughts on “Jack Reacher Movie, One Shot, 2013!

  1. I’m a Reacher fan too–just finished Child’s latest, THE AFFAIR. Hard to cast for a guy who’s six foot-five, built like a linebacker AND has the brains of a master detective. Cruise is a terrible choice, an actor spiraling downward into well-deserved obscurity. But that’s the trouble when you option your work (a process I am, alas, all too familiar with): you lose all control over the project and have no say in any critical decision.

    Ah, well. We’ll always have the books…


    1. THE AFFAIR was excellent! I just finished it, too. I agree, not many fit the image of Reacher. Hard choice to make in terms of an actor. But Tom Cruise? Not even close! Thanks for the thoughts!


  2. Another movie reviewer made a good point: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (from the “Walking Tall” remake, the “Scorpion King”, etc). Now that’s a guy who looks like he could punch out the lights of a cruise ship. Just like Jack.


    1. Michael,

      Now that you mention it, “The Rock” would make a good Jack Reacher as far as looks. I haven’t seen much of his acting, but definitely a winner as far as what I would picture Jack Reacher to look like. Excellent suggestion!



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