Monday Musings – Snowtober!

Believe it or not, it snowed in October! The East coast was pounded with a Nor’easter this weekend. Trick-or-Treaters walked around in their costumes Friday night, shivering from the cold, the smell of winter in the air. The Lehigh Valley, where I’m from, saw 6-10 inches, all in a short span of a day. Pumpkins were frosty. Icicles hung from scarecrow’s brims. Snowmen were made and it was only October 29th!

The world was coated in a shimmering layer of white like a frothy wedding gown on a beautiful woman. The silence whispered as the damp, heavy flakes fell. Dragging down wires, trees, branches, and more. Damage untold, thousands without power. A time for cuddling by the fire, candles burning bright as giggles are shared over old games. We rise and slumber by the dawn and sinking of the sun. Long ago remembered when electric was still to come. When Edison still slaved and toiled to invent the lightbulb.

Paths were barred. Cars were crushed. Homes and lives lost to the power of Mother Nature. Yet, an awe is found amid the wreckage. A beauty of her awesomeness. She paints a picture of breathtaking wonder, reminding us of our humanity. Humble we bow before her throne, admitting we are nothing against her Joan of Arc roar.

God, her creator, whispers and shouts through simple pictures as these. He reminds us of His love and strength as we toil to chisel the ice from our streets. The sun bursts forth brightly, dawning a new day. Dripping tinkles signal the harbingers of warmth, soothing to our souls. Despite how much we like to think we are in control, we are only human. Surrendering ourselves humbly and mercifully at His feet.

Halloween, a night reserved for All Hallows Day, Samhain, “summer’s end.” A time of taking stock and preparing for the cold winter months ahead. A time of year where the physical and supernatural worlds are the closest and magical things can happen.


~ Kat


(all pictures are courtesy of WFMZ)

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Snowtober!

  1. I agree! It’s insane! I’m still without power. It’s been three days now and they’re saying it won’t come back until mid-tomorrow sometime. Such fun.


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