I Came Upon A Lobster Sweet

Here’s an entertaining exercise from Julia’s Place. It’s a 1oo-word challenge in which you select a Christmas carol and re-write it to the theme of Christmas dinner. This is my take on “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.”

I Came Upon A Lobster Sweet

I came upon a lobster sweet,
That laid upon my plate,
Oh hence from ocean depths its meat,
Gave dinner a glorious glow:
Hark, now hear the crackle of claws,
Yielding its bounty so dear!
The sighs abound with bellies full,
To bless the lobster gods.

Still Christmas comes just once a year,
Bringing dinner along,
Moist seafood is our choice d’jour,
Briny and buttery rich:
We sing and clap and dance all night,
Praising our Neptune delight,
And ever more we shall imbibe,
The blessed lobster sings.

O ye beneath the crushing weight,
Whose forms are bending low,
Who toil along the climbing way
With painful steps and slow;
Look now, for pie and ice cream waits
Come swiftly to thy plate;
Oh rest beside the cider glass
And hear the lobster sing.

For lo! The day is hastening on,
By hours and minutes so soon,
With the night comes rich delights,
A glass of port shall do,
When the eyes begin to shutter,
Pants unbuttoned for room,
And the whole world sends back the song
Which now the lobsters sing.

I chose a seafood and lobster theme because my family grew up traveling to Maine. Many a Christmas Eve we enjoyed the oceanic delights such as steamed clams, lobster stew, steamed lobster, shrimp cocktail, fish chowder, and more. My mom is from Maine and this was a way of celebrating her heritage. It’s a tradition I will carry with me always.

9 thoughts on “I Came Upon A Lobster Sweet

  1. Oh I so wanted to eat that as I was singing (yes I sang it!) It is such a different approach to the turkey theme. Thank you so much for joining in the silliness! I do hope you will continue to join us. Here’s this week’s prompt that will go over the holidays! http://t.co/tomQGPEv


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