1 Blog, 2 Blog, Red Blog, Green Blog…

By now, most of you have followed along with this blog, realize that I have a focus problem. Mostly having to do with my varied interests and the amount of blogs that I keep creating, dismantling, etc.

Surprise revelation, huh?

I didn’t think so. Imagine my snorting laugh when I find Kristen Lamb wrote a recent post titled, “When Do Writers Need Multiple Blogs?” Her answer? Never.


Let me rub my eyes. I think the words might have blurred a bit. Checking again…

Still Never.

Sigh…I feared I might hear this answer.

It is never necessary for a writer to have multiple blogs.

She brings up several excellent points as to why this is the case.

  1. Writers need time to write more BOOKS, not blogs.
  2. Having too many blogs can result in R.D.D. – Reality Deficit Disorder – “R.D.D. can cause headaches, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, premature aging, hair loss, weight gain, a weird twitch in our left eye, and a need to shout expletives at passing strangers. If left untreated, it can be fatal – to our career.”
  3. Writers have lives outside of writing and we have to remember that. It’s good to maintain a healthy balance.
  4. What is our end goal? Building a platform or having a nervous breakdown?

No one will stop us from having multiple blogs, but if we are spread so thinly we begin wearing our underwear on the outside of our clothes, how useful is that to our career?

Lamb also points out several “myths” being spread around the blogosphere by so-called “experts.” I’m sure you’ve heard several of them…I know I have!

  1. A writer is blogging for pleasure and who has multiple interests needs separate blogs. Not true, says Lamb.
  2. You might need more than one blog if you write under multiple names. Again, nope.
  3. But what if I am writing YA, erotica, sci-fi, and cookbooks? Don’t I need different blogs for each platform? And no, yet again! 

Are you sensing a theme? Lamb believes that your main blog, your “writer’s blog,” should be your only blog (most of the time). Readers connect more with things about you rather than just “how-to’s” and “read my book” posts. Do you garden? Mention it! Do you ride motorcycles as a hobby? Pick a day and post all about it on that day.

I was afraid to share “everything” about myself on my writing blog. I worried that it wouldn’t be appropriate. I wondered if I should have multiple blogs for multiple interests (hence the several I’ve created and stopped). According to Lamb, this is all part of your platform as a writer so include it all on your main blog!

I just created a blog about book reviews…but why? Isn’t reading part of writing? I also created one about Fibromyalgia. Yet, it’s such a part of who I am, why not share some of it on here? It really doesn’t make sense to keep creating blogs for different things when all of it is who I am and what I love.

I’ll admit, I’m breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as I read her post. To realize that I don’t have to create five different blogs to talk about different things…I’ve got time now to actually write a book! Or eat. Or breathe. And not get typing cramps.

Now maybe that memoir will actually get finished….

What are your thoughts? Do you think one can have too many blogs? Do you suffer from R.D.D.? What ways do you recommend for being more efficient? Do you have any advice or tactics? Problems? Questions?

I love hearing from you!


***Image above is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.





9 thoughts on “1 Blog, 2 Blog, Red Blog, Green Blog…

    1. I hear ya…I guess I should stop running the streets with my underwear on top of my head singing about the Funny Farm (is coming to take me away, ha, ha, ho, ho, hee, hee).


  1. I’m glad to hear your realization! I’ve been a little worried as I’ve followed along your recent posts and was going to email you soon and ask: “but do you have any time left over to write?!” I hope this frees up some time and gives you some much-needed relief!


    1. I agree! It’s been a little crazy and I haven’t written as much on my memoir. But I’m at a difficult part so I’ve been procrastinating. Thanks for being concerned! I know I was. 🙂


  2. As usual, this post is so witty and filled with the quirkiness of your personality and emotions. I LOVE IT! I think the underlining theme of this post is to bring someone back to a more “authentic” way of living; to be willing to show your readers a peek at the inside of their “hope chest” if you will. Being so compartmentalized, is a feeble way of trying to control all of the information about you in fear that someone won’t like the entire package. This exact post, and the reason I just explained, is why my other blogs remain defunct and I focus almost entirely on The Great Plains Poet; where I try to share of myself all that I have learned in this life. Fantastic post as always Kat. I loved every syllable of this one!


    1. Thank you for such wonderful compliments! Always brightens a girl’s day. You are absolutely correct in your summary of the “theme.” It’s important for writers (or anyone for that matter) to be human and fully real. It’s how your readers connect with you. It’s how your friends, family, co-workers, etc. connect with you! I’m not only just a writer, but also a woman who has ideas, passions, thoughts, and more about life. I’m such a huge supporter of living an authentic life. So now you’re all going to get what you get! Look out. 🙂


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