The Kindness Chronicles #2


Acts of kindness bestowed upon me:

1. The numerous status updates I had on Facebook and in person wishing me a happy birthday..

2. My supervisor being incredibly understanding and helpful when I struggle with the financial aspects of my job such as purchasing, invoices, purchase requisitions, etc. (I just don’t get it!).

3. The beautiful and inspirational words of friends/colleagues who wrote letters of recommendation for me.

4. My wonderful partner bringing dinner to me and other girls at the hair salon. It was a long night! (cut, color, etc.)

5. My parents came to listen to me read to the public a short story that I wrote. Talk about nervous!


Acts of kindness that I bestowed on others:

1. Bought my supervisor a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee when the cafeteria was out of coffee at work.

2. Helped a woman who got lost in the hospital trying to locate the appointment desk.

3. A listening ear to my co-workers who stop by my office to “vent.” (I think I’m part counselor at this job.)

4. This isn’t one that I did, but I observed as a friend and I sat on a bench to watch the people on Main Street Downtown. It really moved me. An older man, shabbily dressed in a lightweight coat and yellow knit hat, was sitting outside in the cold night at a cafe table by himself. He was reading from a book, out loud, and following along with his finger. He struggled with the words, but he kept persevering. Two young women who were standing behind me saw him and I heard them debating back and forth. Finally, they crossed the street and bought him a cup of coffee and something to eat from the coffee shop. He was incredibly grateful. If only we all were so kind to strangers. You never know who needs a warm, welcoming hand.


This is a blog movement started by Jane LaFazio and two of her friends. The purpose is to do a blog post the first Sunday of the month telling of your acts of kindness and the acts of kindness bestowed upon you.

Do you want to participate in The Kindness Chronicles with Lyric Kinard, Tracie Lynn Huskamp, Jane LaFazio, a bunch ofothers and me? Grab the logo here OR email me here and I’ll send you the jpeg and you can put it on your blog. Do a blog post the first Sunday of the month. If you do a blog post, leave a link in the comments or if you did or received a kindness, tell me about it in the comments.

Really, there are no rules~ we just want to spread kindness…


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