I Am Mother

One of the main components of the Sacred Feminine is the mystery of creation. It is the one thing that men absolutely cannot do. It is exclusive to women. Not only is a woman able to give birth physically, but she is able to be a place where the light of the soul takes on human form and remains true to its essential nature. But what about those women who can’t physically give birth, like me? Where is the mystery of creation for us? Are we a “lesser than” version of the Sacred Feminine? Do we still contain the connection of oneness, the connection of heaven and earth within ourselves? Does this exclude us from this divine circle of women?

These are questions I continually ask myself as I delve deeper into the Sacred Feminine and the divine exploration of the other side of my beloved God. I refuse to accept that I am “less than” a woman who can give actual birth to a new life. While I cannot, I can still create. My “I Am Mother” painting was created over a period of six weeks as I explored this concept. It started out as a simple scribble drawing, inspired by Florence Cane in Art Therapy. I used that scribble drawing and discovered the hidden, subconscious images within the scribbles. Over time, it metamorphized into its current state. It is a contrast of light and dark, yin and yang, sun and moon. It is the various faces of Our Mother. 

“I Am Mother” gave me glimpses beyond my individual self into the archetypal world where the symbols that belong to all of humanity also change and transform. I was working not just with the substance of my own soul, but with the soul of the world. The light I discovered in my own depths is a spark of the World Soul, and the world needs this light to evolve. I realized that I am not a mother in the traditional sense, but a Mother in the global sense. It is a much larger concept of Mother that I ever imagined or can fully grasp, hence the glimpses. If all was revealed at once, I don’t think I would be able to comprehend it or become overwhelmed by it. “I Am Mother” showed me that we take on our role as guardians of the planet, and we do so with the consciousness of oneness that includes and connects the sacred and the mundane, the inner and the outer, spirit and matter, the world’s soul and body and our own, the individual and the planet. 

“I Am Mother”

I am life-giving, nurturing, possessive.

I am expansive, embracing, passionate.

I am swirling energy, passive calm, paradox.

I am honest, deceiving, punishing.

I am soothing, caressing, rocking.

I cradle you.

I push you away.

Angry, joyful, ironic.

I am life-sustaining, promising, shelter.

I am all these things.

I am hope.

I Am Mother.

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