Kat Collins is based in Pennsylvania. She is a published writer (print and digital) with over 20 years of blogging experience, as well as an accomplished artist. Kat has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, with a minor in Psychology from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and 45 credit hours towards Master of Arts in Art Therapy, including 400 internship hours, from Cedar Crest College. After an intensive internship, while going to school full-time and working full-time, she took a break from school to work at local wineries. Currently, she is a freelance website designer and writer. She is presently writing two books. Baby Brokers is about Bree O’Donnell, a former Military Police turned food critic with a nasty bite and a guilt-ridden conscience. She finds herself obsessively embroiled in a dark, twisted, filthy word that she may never return from. Excerpts From a Book She Will Never Write is a tale of power, abuse, expectations, and love. Kat lives in Pennsylvania with her wife and two crazy male cats.
Kat loves to hear from other established and aspiring writers and readers, so please feel free to contact her! 005-mail      002-instagram  003-twitter